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Job Postings

If you are interested in working with the Montgomery County Conservation Board, look at the current openings on mycountyparks.com. All job descriptions and availability are listed, for questions, please contact us at mccb@montgomerycountyia.gov.

Hiring CLOSED for interviews: Seasonal Natural Resource Aide

Volunteer Opportunities

We are a small organization that thrives off our dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, we have plenty of fields and opportunities to choose from. Fill out and submit a volunteer application below, or contact our naturalist to recieve a physical application.


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    I understand that my relationship with the Montgomery County Conservation or Montgomery County is that of a volunteer. I understand that there are certain risks associated with these volunteer activities such as insect bites, scratches, falls or other injuries and illnesses. I hereby waive, release and forever hold harmless Montgomery County, its officers, employees or agents from any and all claims arising from my or my minor children(s) volunteer activities with the Montgomery County Conservation department.

    I hereby authorize Montgomery County Conservation to performa criminal background check before I begin (or anytime during) my volunteer activities with the Montgomery County Conservation. I understand that the results of this background check may be used in determining my eligibility to participate as a volunteer for the Montgomery County Conservation.

    Montgomery County Conservation is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury, including, without limitation, physical, mental, or economic injury suffered by any person engaged in volunteer service to Montgomery County Conservation, including, without limitation, injury caused by the negligence of Montgomery County Conservation or any of its employees, agents or volunteers.

    I give my permission to be photographed and give the MCCB permission to use those photographs in advertisements, programs, newspapers, social media, etc.