Our small organization is grateful for the donations, sponsorships, and volunteer hours from our community. Donations allow us to continually improve on center exhibits, supply camps and programs with needed materials, and promotes education outside of the classroom. Thank you to all who have helped us thrive and provide for your community.

What can i do to donate to Montgomery county conservation?

Donations can be made in the form of volunteering, material donations, or monetary donations. Visit our volunteer page to see how you can join our team! Monetary donations may be made by check to the Montgomery County Conservation Foundation, Inc.

Checks may be mailed to 2059 190th street, Red Oak IA 51566.

Below is a list of accepted materials and supplies. Contact the office to schedule a drop off time.

  • Crafting supplies (paints, markers, crayons, yarn, beads, any other craft related items...)
  • Animal Food (lettuce, kale, watermelon, strawberries, worms, crickets, birdseed...)
  • Containers Please contact Cassandra prior to donating CLEAN recyclables. 



The Montgomery County Conservation Board and Montgomery County Conservation Foundation are looking for sponsors. We are in need of local businesses who want to support youth and adult interaction by donating your services such as suppling food for camp, donating a gift card for a prize/ raffle drawing, or donating items for programs. If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors, please call the office for more information.



Our ambassador animals serve as a link between the wilderness and civilization. Each member of our educational animal team serves their own purpose and holds a place in our visitors' hearts. Support our program and sponsor an animal! Each sponsorship ensures our animals get the proper diet and care they need. Your family's name will be displayed on the sponsored animal's enclosure for one month. After your month is up, you can request to continue sponsoring that animal. Fill out the form below to apply for our animal sponsorships today!

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