Looking for Oregon Trail Presenters for May of 2023

This May, the Montgomery County Conservation Board will be holding the 25th Oregon Trail Day event! Over 200 students gather at the Anderson Conservation Area and travel back in time to the 1840s for this all day event. Students interact with actors and presenters along the Oregon trail and learn about life in during the western expansion.

We are in need of several helpers to make this year’s event the biggest yet! The following are the volunteer opportunities that need to be filled:

  • Center staff (mediating the small activities inside)
  • Trading post attendant
  • 1, 30-minute presenter (topic is up for discussion, please contact the office (712) 6223-4753)
  • Trail actors/ helpers (walk the trail or assist with site presentations)

If any of these fun opportunities speak to you, please call our office and ask for Cassandra!