Wild Women in the Woods 2023 REGISTRATION OPEN

Wild Women in the Woods is a series of gatherings of women 21 years and older who wish to build confidence via outdoor skills. This group will serve to provide a safe space for women to feel open, provide new experiences, and foster new connections within our community. This year’s topics include home brewing, beading,…

May 06th, 2022 (1)

Looking for Oregon Trail Presenters for May of 2023

This May, the Montgomery County Conservation Board will be holding the 25th Oregon Trail Day event! Over 200 students gather at the Anderson Conservation Area and travel back in time to the 1840s for this all day event. Students interact with actors and presenters along the Oregon trail and learn about life in during the…



In March of 2022, Montgomery County Conservation offered the first hide tanning class to community members and beyond. We had participants from Omaha, Mount Ayr, and even Missouri travel to attend this class. Over the course of 2 weeks, attendees gathered at the Wolfe Nature Center a total of four times and worked rabbit hides…