Pilot grove

Pilot Grove Park

20 electrical sites

Walking Trails & Fishing

Pilot Grove is located 3 miles west of Grant. This park offers 20 electrical camp sites, three shelter houses, a modern shower house and restroom, a dump station, pit latrines, grass volleyball court, and a half mile concrete walking trail around the lake. The lake is stocked and provides excellent fishing opportunities.


20 electrical sites are available for camping. All site are $15 per night and first come, first serve. Site occupation along with payment for nights occupied are expected upon arrival to your desired camp site. Any site without occupancy (either by tent. camper, or car) will be noted as available.

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Hacklebarney Woods: $10/night (non-electric), $15/night (electric only), $20/night (Full hookup)

Pilot Grove: $15/night (electric only)

  1. One basic camping unit is allowed per site; except, that a small tent or hammock may be placed on the site with the basic unit. The area occupied by the small tent shall be no more than eight feet by ten feet.
  2. Duration of camping stay is limited to 14 continuous days.
  3. Campers will immediately register upon entering the park and will attach their registration receipt on the campsite registration post, prior to setting up the campsite.
  4. Quiet hours begin at 10:30 PM and end at 5 AM.
  5. Firewood brought into the park should abide by Iowa’s firewood laws (see updated Iowa firewood laws for more details).
  6. Ground mats and rugs will not be allowed except on the gravels portion of the camping pad. Any mats, rugs, or other coverings placed on grass will not be permitted.
    1. No slip n’ slides, tarps, or inflatables will be permitted for use in any area of the park.
  7. Decorations, lawn ornaments, and lights will be limited to the immediate campsite only.
  8. No garbage or trash is to be burned in the campfires or left at the campsites. Please utilize trash dumpsters located within the park or pack out upon your departure.
  9. Campsites cannot be reserved or held for others: “first come-first serve” will be the rule of occupancy.
  10. To occupy a site, patron must pay for full time of duration and site must be occupied by either tent, camper, or vehicle. No other item(s) placed will signify occupancy, and registration slip will be removed.
  11. There will be a limit of two (2) vehicles per campsite. All guest vehicles will be parked in the designated picnic areas.
  12. Dogs and other domestic pets will be restricted to the campsite and will be kept on a chain or leash at all times.
  13. Visitors will vacate the park be 10:30 PM (No Exceptions).
  14. Absolutely no discharge of grey or black sewage water will be allowed by any camping unit. The dumping of portable sewage carts into the restroom vaults is prohibited. Please use designated dumping stations (one at each park).
  15. Water hoses are not to be connected to campground hydrants except to fill holding tanks. You must drive your unit to the hydrant of choice, then fill as necessary. DO NOT run connecting hose lines to your site.
  16. Electrical capacity per unit is 30 amperes. Please know your camper unit’s maximum usage prior to setting up your site.
  17. Horses are to remain on designated, multi-use trails ONLY. Horses shall remain at the equestrian camp only, and are not permitted in the main campgrounds (No Exceptions).

All laws of the State of Iowa not specifically mentioned here shall apply.

Your cooperation is appreciated, and any violation will result in denial of camping privileges and/or citation. Thank you.